Attachment parenting support groups in Australia

Attachment parenting support groups provide an opportunity to meet with other parents to discuss issues relating to attachment parenting. These groups often help to create friendships with other parents and children.

New South Wales

Sydney Attachment Parenting - An online support group which also runs regular playgroups in and around Sydney. - A group used to organise playgroups for Sydney Attachment Parenting on the north shore. Despite its name, meets for this group range from Mosman and Manly to Hornsby. - This is a group to co-ordinate get togethers for Attachment Parenting parents and bubs in Sydney's inner west and surrounding areas. - Connect with other parents practising Attachment Parenting in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney - Gosford Attachment Parenting Email List. Organises regular playgroup meetings and discussion.


Natural Parenting Melbourne - a network of playgroups in and around Melbourne that support people with gentle and attachment parenting.  You will find others in the groups who are co-sleepers,babywearers, gentle sleep advocates, extended breast-feeders, who use gentle discipline, who have sought to have natural births some of them at home and who are passionate about parenting and who strive for connected relationships with their kids.

Natural Parenting in Melbourne's north - This group is for parents in Melbourne's north who ascribe to some or all of the natural parenting movement. It is intended to be a place for discussion, sharing resources and creating a network of support for parents.

South Australia - Adelaide Attachment Parenting S.A.


No group in your area?

Then, why not start one? Useful information and resources related to starting a support group is provided by the Attachment Parenting International (API), whether or not you choose to affiliate with the international body.

If you would like us to list your group, please contact us.